5 Reasons to Get a Storage Water Heater

1. You want to have immediate hot water accessA storage water heater, as its name suggests, stores hot water in its tank so that users can have access to hot water as and when they need it. You can have access to hot water anytime as long as you have hot water ready in your water tank. If you’d like to have easier controls of your storage water heater (i.e. scheduled heating, shower ready notifications and more), you can opt for a Wifi-enabled storage water heater so that you can control it with your smartphone. Ariston Andris2 Top is Singapore’s first Wifi-enabled storage water.

2. You have shared bathrooms
A few bathrooms sharing one heater rather than a dedicated water heater per bathroom means a lower initial investment. If you prefer to share the water heater among a few bathrooms, go for a storage water heater. Storage water heaters allow sharing among a few bathrooms, while instant water heaters, with its water pressure limitations, is only able to support one shower point.

3. You have a compact bathroom
If you want a beautifully designed storage water heater that saves space, check out the Ariston Andris Slim 30 and 20 electric storage water. It fits perfectly onto the beams at HDB and condominium bathrooms.

4. Bathroom décor is important to you
Like to have a water heater designed to match your bathroom decor? Standard water heaters look about the same, particularly storage water heaters which usually come in cylinder tanks which can look out of place in a nicely-renovated bathroom. If the design is important to you, then Ariston water heaters provide the best choices for your home. Designed in Italy, these are made to match any bathroom design. In Singapore where bathroom space is limited, you may want to consider an elegant looking water heater that looks slim and sleek so that no space is utilised to conceal it.

5. You want it SMART
Industry leaders like Ariston Thermo has introduced the storage water heaters equipped with WiFi in Singapore. This allows users to control their storage water heaters using their smartphones and enjoy maximum convenience, save waiting time, as well as save up to 25% of utility bills. Users can make use of useful features shower-ready notifications, power controls, energy consumption reports, timer-setting functions and more.

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