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Bespoke Home Interior Design Tips for 5 Different Hobbyists

From popular home renovation design portals to Pinterest, getting started on the interior design which complements your lifestyle can be quite daunting, especially when there are so many inspirational sources to start with! Nevertheless, fret not! Let us help you narrow down the kind of look which countless others will hanker after! #1. Dining spaces […]

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7 Edible Indoor Gardening Kits to Help You Grow Your Own Food

Design: ROOOT Studio In resource-scarce Singapore, the burgeoning interest towards urban farming was recently seen in the pilot opening of a multi-storey car park farm in Ang Mo Kio. Another eight plots in multi-storey car parks will also be leased out to support this farm-to-fork movement. If you are looking to jump on this bandwagon, […]

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How to Design a Kitchen for Bakers

Most of the kitchen inspiration we have shown at Renonation has largely been catered for home cooks. But there’s been a significant group we have neglected—bakers. Bakers use the kitchen very differently from a chef, and often need a different set of requirements for their workspace. Whether you are an aspiring pastry chef or just […]

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